All for Love-Episode 10

I pity you all because via this time next term… many of you would be in commercial or art class because it appears you don’t recognize what you’re right here to do.

All for Love-Episode 10

Episode 10


“Can you accept as true with Princess and Cynthia fought each other because of you?” Daniel broke down the latest.
“What! But why?” I requested in disbelief.
“Princess called Cynthia a harlot and Cynthia also take it to her head and Cynthia introduced up a fight. I was just laughing because their fight was without a doubt amazing. I can’t trust Cynthia may beat Princess so mercilessly like that. She beat Princess like a child but Princess additionally tried, she left a mark on Cynthia’s face.” Daniel said laughing.
“And you’re looking at them?” I asked in disbelief.
“What should I do? I need to attempt to separate them so that they can beat me up abi and you comprehend that these girls and I are not in talking terms.” Daniel defended smiling.
“Who now separate them or are they nevertheless fighting?” I requested with a frown face.
“No… Some female students in the class had separated them, but I am absolutely comfortable to watch stay wrestling.” Daniel reported smiling but concluded jokingly.
“Can we move faster than this?” I asked feeling uncomfortable with our shambling.
“I can’t run o, I just can’t.” Daniel solid off nodding his head in disapproval.
“Silly you…” I replied as I hit him playfully.
“Ola, the prefects of a factor doesn’t know their work o, the instructors went for seminar and they can’t screen the school. Are they not useless? Look at how students are enjoying outside even when it isnot  break time.” Daniel found looking spherical the premises.
“I also thought so… however the place are we? Are we not outside?” I asked in parable smiling and Daniel also burst into laughter. Just then, Mr. Anume bike should be heard from a distance; he was the faculty disciplinary trainer and he show no mercy while punishing student’s; he continually stick to his words when it comes to punishment.
If he said that he is giving any one hundred lashes of cane no one can stop him and no one can limit the numbers of lashes. Mr. Anume was a man of his words, he has his own rules and regulations and he is equally trustworthy and honest. He is courageous and gutsy. He was bald and hairless. He was darkish in complexion, handsome, cute, tall and huge. Hair has in no way been viewed on his head due to the fact of his baldness. He was taking the science type Basic Electricity (a trade course borrowed from physics). He has a bike in which the sound the bike gave out was well known to the student’s and the college at large.


‘Peew’ all the students had been well-sited in their respective class within simply a glimmer of an eye. No scholar ever prayed to face the wrath of Mr. Anume. I was equally with Daniel in my class fixing my gaze on a notice book which I comprehend I was unable to comprehend. Mr. Anume’s office was also in block with my class.
He may be seen as he drove his noisy bike elapse my class and he parked at the bike storage of the school. He demounted from his bike and entered my class rather of his office. I was starting to revel in my reading thought it is something I know.
“On stand greet.” A woman scholar from the front take a seat shut to the door began.
“Good morning sir.” We all conclude in chorus.
“What’s correct about the morning?” Mr. Anume asked robbing his hairless head with his proper hand.
“Tell me what’s suitable about the morning.” Mr. Anume questioned again fixing his gazed at me. I could sense my coronary heart pounding and pulsating. ‘Did he saw me strolling into the class’ that was the thought that ran into my thinking and sweat started out rolling down from my head. I constant my gazed at my desk to avoid been suspicious.
“You’re all right here making noise and when you heard the sound of my noisy bike you all keep quite.” Mr. Anume observed.
“So, you’re telling me that no one can volunteer to be the teacher of today that the instructors are not  in the school.” He paused.
“I pity you all because via this time next term… many of you would be in commercial or art class because it appears you don’t recognize what you’re right here to do.” He stated as he jiggled the bunch of key he was holding.
“You can proceed with you noise but be warn.”
He concluded as he left the type for the staffroom.
Mr. Anume left the class after his word of wisdom and that was the actual man Mr. Anume is, he love counseling his college students and he punish the serious college students extra than the unserious one when the need arrives.

“Please can any person volunteer to instruct us something untaught or something he or she understood better? Please, I don’t prefer to be flogged via Mr. Anume.” Biggy (his nickname) barked from the returned seat however on his feet. Biggy authentic name was Nathanial, however he was nicknamed by an artwork scholar back then in their junior secondary faculty days due to the fact he was actually fat and fleshy. He was quick and difficult however he hate been flogged.
“Have you ever been flogged by Mr. Anume?” Amara; a darkish and skinny Igbo girl questioned behind him.
“Amara or what’s your name, am not speaking to you o.” Biggy rebutted.
“Biggy, we’re not  struggle na, I was only asking you if Mr. A…” She defended but unfinished.
“Mr. Anume haven’t flog me and I don’t pray he flog me… don’t you see how he was flogging some college students yesterday.” Biggy responded.
“Please let keep decorum, we are matured adequate to composed ourselves. We are no more in junior class, but we are in senior class and this is the time we ought to be planning our existence and what we dream of turning into in future.
Please let be making use of our modesty and etiquette.” I recommended standing on my feet.
“Class rep; be writing the names of the noise makers that will help.” Bisola; a calm, quite and gentle lady in the class suggested.
“Bisola, we are matured now, how can I be writing the names of my fellow mate as noise makers, that sound ridiculous and preposterous and that isnot  the nice solution. We are mature adequate to compose ourselves and make ourselves busy and if it needs any individual can come to the board and educate a subject matter he/she knows better and it is untaught in the class. We are here to examine and no know-how is wasted.” I said and the complete class was as silent as a graveyard.
“Please, can anybody come on to the board and educate us some thing as Biggy suggested.” I wondered looking at the entire class who fixed their gawks on me.
“I will.” Princess stated elevating her biro up for notice.
Daniel burst into laughter and I gave him an unsightly look. He additionally retorted the look and I stare at Princess.
“Please come on, we’re all prepared to learn.” I said smiling at her. She gave returned the smile as she get on her feet.
“Can I pass?” She requested giving Cynthia some sorts of annoying looks. But Cynthia solely hissed and she makes way for her to pass. I supplied Cynthia some portions of chalks and she accumulated it stylishly. I get back to my take a seat and I stare at Princess as she walks majestically to the chalkboard.
“Please, can anyone clean the board for me?” She requested keeping a piece of chalk.
“Ah! Ah!!” The entire class exclaimed in disbelief.
“Please stop.” I cautioned as I get on my feet and get the duster. I was about cleansing the board when…