All for Love-Episode 1

I am the solely surviving child of my parent even my father remained unknown to me hitherto. It is my first day in Comprehensive High School as a newly-admitted SS1 student.

All for Love-Episode 1

Episode 1

“Oh, my God!” I exclaimed as I reluctantly jumped up from my small and tattered mattress, I ran to the window to verify if my stopwatch is
working perfectly. “It’s morning.” I articulated surprisingly. I opted
for the lavatory and take my bath. After taking my bath, I added out my bed-ironed uniform under my mattress and I examined the job well-
done completed with the aid of the mattress, I looked  for the bottle of the groundnut oil and let some drops on my palm; I used that in replacement of cream and hair cream, I went to the outside to fetch my water-polished sandal, I returned to my room only to discover my breakfast (pap and bean cakes) lying on my bed, I comprehend it’s my mother, I gulped down the hot pap in haste and mash the delicious beans cakes.
“This is delicious!” I exclaimed while trying to digest a stubborn pulverize beans cake that got struck in my oesophagus.
Shortly, I was capable to end up with the meal, I hurrily put on my college uniform, and my white socks and then I wore my water-polished sandal,
I packed my books internal my 10 naira polythene bag, I examined my self and it looked  I am good to go.
“Oops! My handkerchief.” I called back. I checked my only hanger and my Ankara-made handkerchief was there, I picked it from the hanger and I opted for the outdoor in search for my mother. “Mama! Mama!!” I referred in an alarming voice. “I’m here my son.” She replied appearing from a

“Good morning mama.” I greeted kneeling down before her. She spoke back to my greeting earnestly and solemnly and she showered me
with blessing and prayer as usual. “Mama I am geared up for school.” I voiced out while trying to get back on my feet. “My son, you are going into another phase of life, remember the infant of whom you are, face your study as that’s your primary assignment, don’t mingle with terrible and irresponsible friend’s; they has nothing to offer than destruction, don’t keep  girlfriend; they solely reason distraction and they resist one from performing one primary assignment. There are many challenges awaiting you in the school; from your juniors, your mates, your seniors and the school managements at large, try as plenty as viable to overcome them, they are just assessments and you simply have to tackle them and win, they come and go, they can’t continue to be forever, battle them and you will surely win. You understand I am the solely one walking here and there in search of meals you consume and money to fund your education, your father dumped me and ran away with another woman. Please lessen all this pain for me, because you are my last hope of survival, I am residing in this world because you are respiration please don’t change from been good, you can only reduce or even kill this pains, pangs, and twinges solely if you face your learn about and end up successful in lifestyles and you know ‘education is the key to success’. Lastly, don’t fall a sufferer of love like I do, face your study and make me proud, put my enemy and envious in disgrace let them be like ‘God is really wonderful, I couldn’t agree with the solely son of this woman ought to make it in life’ let them reward the lord in you. An old adage says ‘a phrase is enough for a wise’ stick to my words and you will surely excel.” She counseled with teary eyes.
“I promise I won’t disappoint you mother, I promise to make you proud as I continually do.” I enunciated with a serious impression showing on my face. My mom cross nearer to me and gave me a motherly hug. I wept silently in my mother arms and my mother couldn’t help as she burst into tears.
I hate seeing my mom tears and that made me to hate my father more, I may also had seen him before however I can’t understand him, I pleaded to my mother on several activities to let me see my father’s picture but she is continually mad at me whenever I tried to bring up such discussion, the hatred I have for my father develop like a stubborn
grass, I hold on hating him and I don’t think that can end till he came on his kneel to plead to my mother.
“Time wait for no man, hope you are ready?” My mother asked as she disengaged herself slowly but spontaneously from me. “I am prepared mama.” I spoke back whilst wiping the tears on my face with my Ankara-made handkerchief.
Mama unwrapped her wrapper and unhooked the edge of the wrapper as that was her only bank I knew, she handed over #150 to me as my transport fare to and from the faculty and my pocket money. I thanked her and gave her a side hug. I rushed out of the residence and hurried to the bus-stop.

Oh! I haven’t introduced myself, right? Anyway, I am Johnson Olamilekan Jeff, fifteen years old, charming, brilliant, intelligent, handsome, smart, calm and talented. I am the solely surviving child of my parent even my father remained unknown to me hitherto. It is my first day in Comprehensive High School as a newly-admitted SS1 student.

I disembarked from the bus at the bus-stop and headed straight to the school which was about a stone thrown from the bus-stop. A neon
signboard displayed conspicuously the title of the school dabbed in uppercase letters designed with golden coloration. I greeted the gatekeepers and walked skip them and make my way into
the school compound. As a newcomer, I haven’t gotten a class so I decided to stroll round the school premises. After a boring and mind- numbing roaming, I placed a sit underneath a huge tree situated very close to the faculty corridor and I decided to sit there. The faculty environment was
a fascinating one, it was very beautiful and neat even though the college had simply resumed. the buildings of the school were coloured after the
school uniform which are Butter and Light brown, the football subject is something to natter about, bedecked and ornamented with well-mowed
grasses, the goal posts are not that large however I doubt it is only a goalkeeper that will be keeping such a large goalpost, the discipline is huge and wide enough to build a modernized factory. Medium- sized stones and granites which are colored white and some were coloured with carbides are used in demarcating constructions and blocks, the school only library was constructed upstairs of the junior’s classes blocks, the school computer lab is extremely ornamented with special flowers. I sat down quietly admiring the lovely and dearly surroundings when the bell for assemblywas rang.

“Gbagam! Gbagam!! Gbagam!!!” boomed the jingling bell the timekeeper used to be handling. He rang the bell continuously for a moment before
he gave his message for the assembly. I sluggishly stood on my toes ready to leave for the assembly floor when I heard a voice from
“Hey! Don’t you hear the bell for assembly?” A senior in his lengthy sleeve shirt blasted with some kind of husky and gravelly voice. He has a long whip on his hand, he moved nearer to me and I was trembled with fear.

“Sir… I am about to …” I tried to protect with a shaky voice but I was hijacked from concluding my assertion because of the lash from the long whip that landed on my head.
“Haaaahh…” I groaned in ache as warm tears parsimoniously escaped from my eyes, I could feel the pain as I reluctantly ran to the assembly

“Now let chant the National Anthem and Pledge.” The assembly prefect commanded and we recited the anthem and the pledge with full meditation.

“Good morning my students.” The principal; a light complexioned, good-looking, eloquent, fairly built young man greeted. His scalp and
moustache had been shinning black. He wore a well-ironed black Italian suit over an alluring white shirt, and tied up a stripped crimson tie.

“Good morning sir.” We all replied in chorus. “You are all welcome back into this session. And the new college students are also welcomed to
Comprehensive High School.” The principal addressed smiling as he adjusted his glass.
“Thank you sir.” We responded in unison. The essential introduced himself as Mr. Ayọ̀ Johnson popularly referred to as Mr. Chorus due to the fact he has a excellent aversion for chorus answer. He is a professor, and whenever he went into any class in the school, he typically asked query base on their until now taught matters in different subjects and each time the class is became to a marketplace due to the fact of the noises made by way of the students in keen to answer his question because they knew that a correct answer attract a prize or let say small gift like money or food, he do recommended them with the aid of screaming on top of his voice ‘No refrain answer’ and for the reason that this has became section of him, he was nicknamed Mr. Chorus by the students. Mr. Chorus conferred some issues with our seniors regarding their negligence to their educational works the previous term and additionally advised to serious one among them to hold it up and not to relent. He also
counseled the low-IQ students that are promoted on trial no longer to supply up however to buckle up. He addressed we SS 1 college students and he cited the ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ of the college to us. I was really gratify with the guidelines and guidelines because most of the guidelines and policies are section of me, I may want to see some pupil grumbling and peevishing over the restrict of student bringing cellphone to the school, some had been tetchy by the cramped of scholar carrying slipper to the school. I was just looking like a moron considering the fact that I
have no one to bring up a dialogue with.
“Silent!” The college disciplinarian yelled and the assembly ground was as quiet as a graveyard. “The new students, march to the school hall, I
will be there in a jiffy… round off the assembly and monitor the college students to their respective classroom. I need to not see any pupil roaming about or else you prefects will be accountable for that.” Mr. Chorus concluded and commanded the prefects and he left the meeting for his office.