10 Days with Bella: Episode 15

“ Who are you trying to poison? Bella asked. Ragina smiled closed the container and put it back into her gown” .

10 Days with  Bella:  Episode 15


Chapter 15

_______________ day eight ( It’s All Over)

” I favor to see the proof first ” welter said
glaring at Knight who had asked of the company
papers, they are each seated speaking like they are having a enterprise meeting ” Why now not sign the organization papers first” Knight said .” Why don’t I see the proof first?, to be sure you aint enjoying a quick one on me” Welter said giving Knight the most hardest look ever . Knight reached into the bag he brought and brought out some papers, he was clever enough not to deliver the video Ragina had given to him. ” Here are the evidence, but untill you sign the company papers, then I’d provide it to you ”Knight said.

Welter was so pissed off he looked up at Ragina
who whispered some thing in his ear . ” Okay , I will sign it ” welter stated and took the company papers and Ragina gave him a pen as he sighed them all , Knight watched as he sighed them as if it was nothing to him, properly they will see Who’s smart today . Once welter finished, he looked up at Knight and held the papers up. ” It’s signed, now hand over the evidence” Welter said . Knight drop the paper’s on the little table in front of them but put his hand on it and gave welter a hard look. ” I choose the business enterprise papers in my hand , so give it ” he stated , welter scoffed and dropped them on the table, Knight smirked. It seems their plan is working, Ragina winked, Knight smiled .

“Fine, so I guess we settled the drama, I hope you don’t come threaten me ever again , because I might kill you ” welter said and Knight smirked. ” But anyways, due to the fact the commercial enterprise went so well, how about we toast to success ? Welter asked smirking Evily , Knight smirked back Evily . ” Why not I will love that ” Knight replied. Welter looked over at Ragina . ” Baby , get us drink ” welter stated giving Ragina a secret smile who winked him and turned seductively strolling away , welter stared at Ragina’s ass and licks his lips. ” Can’t wait to fuck that ass ” he mumbled, and Knight cringed at his disgusting word , this old man certain doesn’t have shame, he hasn't changed one bit. well this day is his remaining day to fuck anybody as he says .

” So Knight, are you going to hold pretending you are nor aware of me ? that we haven’t met before even before now , really, nonetheless pretending?” Welter asked smirking , Knight stared at the historic pig which supposed to be his father and smirked, just favor he wants. He looked around and his eyes caught Dustin who gave him thumbs, he's keeping a digital camera in his hand as planned, Knight stared back at welter and smirked.

“So Surprising” Knight gave a quick mockery laugh as welter gave him a scornful look ” I thought you would be fooled for ever, it’s a good thing you figured it out , however it seems it took you too lengthy to discern it all out , am satisfied you do now, so inform me , who helped you to determine it out? ” Knight asked with a smirk across his face as they both glared at one another .

At the different side: Ragina walked into where Bella was kept, thenmoment Bella saw her she needs to badly ask her what happened, Ragina smiled and remove the cloth from her mouth then started untying her palms .

” So your Really on our side ? Bella asked . ” I have no choice, we prefer the same thing, now you have tofollow me we need to do something” Ragina stated untying her legs . Once she was through , she informed Bella to follow her up and she did, they got to some other room and Ragina opened something like a fridge. ” A fridge in this kind of place? Bella requested not understanding, Ragina smirked and brought out a bottle of wine and two glasses. ” Who are those for? Bella requested looking at Ragina suspiciously. ” For your boyfriend and his father of course” she answered. ” But how is it possible, Knight doesn’t even like that man, talk more of sitting and drinking together, this isn’t proper” Bella stated. really confused to comprehend what’s happening. Ragina opened the wine and poured it into the glasses, then opened her front dress and brought out something wrapped in a little container . ” What are you doing? Bella asked . ” Planning to make it convenient ” Ragina said putting the white content into one of the glasses Bella watched her shocked.

” Who are you trying to poison? Bella asked. Ragina smiled closed the container and put it back into her gown . ” Should I say your boyfriend? She requested and Bella gasped. ” I won’t let him drink it” Bella stated staring at her Ragina smirked. ” Oh darling, he won’t drink it but his father will ” Ragina gave her a wink. ” You are trying to kill Mr welter , then you can blame it on Knight , how could you assume that , I won’t let you ” Bella attempt no longer to yell.

 Ragina picked the two glasses in her hand and kissed Bella’s cheek . ” Now, I prefer you to be aware of that welter asked me to do this however at last he will drink of this ,but I will give it to your boyfriend, you don’t need to worry , he won’t drink it but welter will” Ragina said . Bella nevertheless didn’t have faith in her .

“Am coming with you , I need to see for my self ”
Bella said. ” Oh, you honestly love your boyfriend so much , no trouble you follow me out however hide behind when I go supply them , make positive you don’t jump out to increase suspicious” Ragina said and Bella. Nodded , Ragina smirked and walked out of the room as Bella followed behind to see what will happen

. Welter was giving Knight a difficult look and Knight was boiling with anger trying not to rip the old man’s neck already, Ragina got here with the drinks , and as she dropped them, she gave the poisoned one to Knight and gave him a secret look to know what to do, she has to do it like that because welter is a very clever man who knows when something is wrong, so it’s up to Knight to follow the graph smoothly. ” Here is the drink , why don’t we toast ” Welter picked up his glass after toasting he took a sip of his own , but knight did as if he sipped his using his long finger to cover the mouth of the glass making it seem to be as if he drank, Welter smirked.

” So you remembered all this while however you pretended? Welter asked Knight didn’t say anything however thinking of how to alternate the drink , if welter talks too much, he wouldn’t knownwhen he will trade it, then when he take it up he won’t bother looking at the glass before drinking it. ” I have to honestly say, you’ve grown so big, but too bad you aint hard or smart” he stated as he dropped his drink on the table, Knight did the Same , Ragina screamed from behind. welter shortly turned to her . ” Baby what happened? He asked . Ragina smiled . ” I think the hills ” she said and smirked as Knight already exchanged them .

” Umm it’s ok , am ok “, she stood straight and welter nodded and turned back to Knight who was staring at him. “Yeah so, how has the business world transform you so quickly Knight? Welter asked . ” I wouldn’t desire to share my enterprise life with you and you recognize it” Knight spoke back and Welter picked his glass and took a large gulp making Knight smirked tougher ,he took his and sip a little so welter doesn’t get suspicious. ” I think the father has to comprehend about the son? you be aware of what I suggest proper ?, Father and son bonding” He smirked , and Knight raised an eyebrow.

” You are not my father and will never be and bonding you say? ” He laughed ” so humorous ”Knight replied. ” The fact still state it, even though it disgust me to think you are my son as claimed, now you think you can trick me into signing my company papers to you ,what evidence do you have now to put me in jail, I already took them ,and the Company papers you are with is fake ” welter said he smirked Evily.

Knight became angry checking the papers. ” Oh sorry , do you assume you can out smart me, no one fucked with me and go free, am a man of my phrase and you will give up simply like your slut of a mother, it was so effortlessly putting a
end to her existence , so it’s more simpler inserting an end to yours ” welter stated in a hard tone the evil in his eyes shining so bright, Knight clenched his fist and attempt to control himself.

” Shouldn’t you be pronouncing that to your self, how you are going to quit your self like my mother ” Knight smirked and Welters eyes widen as he started feeling hot in his stomach. ” What the hell…d_did you do ? Welter strive to control his hot belly as he was already struggling on the seat .

” Should I say I kind of alternate the drinks ? ah….it was effortless to kill my mom , but isn't more easier killing you?” Knight asked smirking. Ragina went to stand beside Knight and smirked, Knight was busy smiling. ” Ra_gi_na , h_how c_could y_you , you be-tray m_me” welter said with a clenched tooth as he sends daggers to Ragina who was nonetheless smirking. By this time Bella ran out and Knight hugged her tightly.

” Oh thank goodness nothing occurred to you ” Bella stated as Knight held her to him and kissed her long on the lips then faced his father who is on the floor already. “You killed my mother , and notion you want to go score free, that is the most stupid aspect you ever thought of father” he mocked .

” His biggest mistake was not killing you knight, your father sure has a thing” Ragina said and Bella looked at her the girl is so difficult to figure out . ” I….I tru_sted you Ra_gina ” welter said .

” That’s one issue you should never do easily, trust! Because you are going to get stab …before
you recognize it” Ragina said, welter was still struggling as he looked at Knight with so much hatred. ” I killed your mother due to the fact she was once such a bitch , lying to me that you are my son when we did it solely as soon as ” he yelled . ” And you think once couldn’t get a woman pregnant? Knight yelled “ahh….. he doesn’t know” Knight chuckled unbelievably Welter remained quite, he wonders the place his bloody body guard are , why aint there any one ? ” Are you searching for your bodyguards? Ragina smirked.” I think the cops has already taken care of them , you don’t need to worry a whole lot ” she said and Welters eyes widen .

” You both tricked me ” he yelled ” just remember that if I die, you two will be locked up ” welter said as his eyes started blurring. Ragina walked closer to him and bend down to look at his face. ” Don’t fear love, it’s solely a napping tablet, it will just burn you a little like you will die,but you won’t, once you wake up , you will be in penal complex with your different friends” Ragina stated touching his hair.

” Get your arms off me bitch ” welter yelled Ragina chuckled. Knight walked to welter and picked him up by the collar, he was already susceptible and about to close his eyes . ” I’ve been looking to do this ” Knight stated and punched him on the face .

” That’s for my mom ”
“For me” punch.
“For everything” punch.
Bella pulled him away as Welters faces was already bloody , this time around the police already came in with Knights brothers. Welter was already lossing cognizance as the police went to pick him up .

” One more thing, I changed the company papers, so sorry welter you signed the original one ” Ragina stated looking at welter with a smile , he tries to say some thing but blacked out . Knight had a phrase with the police and Dustin handed the inspector the recording, they bid goodbye and left , the three guards were already arrested.

” Thank you a lot Ragina, am truly grateful, you should have the organisation papers, i don’t need them ” Knight said and Ragina smiled. ” I don’t want anything, and I didn’t do this for you , I did it for myself, go ok maintain the papers it’s useless to me ” Ragina said picking her jacket from the chair and wore it , they all looked at her .

” But you need it ” Knight stated . ” You can throw them away, I don’t need it ” she wore her dark sunglasses and kissed Knight's cheek and blew them a kiss.

” I will see you when next I see you ” she winked
and cat walk away , they all looked at each other
confused untill Ragina was gone, the woman looked like a Misery. ” The lady is strange” Dustin murmured. ” I concept I was the solely one to follow” Bella said. 

” Who wouldn’t want to own a big company, she just tossed it away like that ? Luke asked confused. “Well she’s without a doubt kind of performing corny at first I thought she was going to trick us, damn she’s a good actress, she reminds me alot of Angelina Jolie” Aaron said Making them laughed.

“That’s true, maybe they are related, ” Luke agreed Making them laugh. “You idiots, her surname is Hanged now not Jolie ” Dustin rolled his eyes at his brothers who chuckled. “Ah….she’s too challenging to discern out ” Luke said “Am satisfied the whole thing went nicely , All that matters now is its all over ” Bella said with a smile . And they all turned to her she raised an eyebrow but knight pulled her and hugged her tight, She was taking by surprise.